When God Moves Mountains

When I sat down to jot down some sort of outline for this post, I first thought of what I wanted to name it…and then the last four and a half years flashed through my mind. Let me take you back…

Our firstborn was a happy surprise. Of course, we knew we wanted children; it’s the timing that was before we had suspected. At the time, I was working full-time as a Military Student Advisor for an online university. As much as I loved the work itself and adored my coworkers, I grew to have physical problems because well, my hands look like spider legs and I have little strength in them. After just three short months of working this desk job, I started to have symptoms of carpel tunnel. So, when I found out I was pregnant, I was extremely hopeful that I could leave my job and become a full-time mom.

As God would have it, we had saved enough money for me to leave my job and stay home with Ezra. And then four months after Ezra was born, a fiery passion to buy our first home became evident. We wanted our son to grow up with a yard, more space, and the list goes on. I’m going to save you some time, and just say that we went through a very difficult and trying season for the following months, and really up until our daughter was born. We battled over the decision we had made for me to be at home our kids, we were told we were crazy to keep me at home, and at times, we doubted God had more for our little family.

I hope this doesn’t make us sound materialistic, as we do not believe a home brings complete happiness; but we do know the stability it causes and we earnestly wanted that. So, we kept praying and crying out to God for wisdom. And in January of 2019, He spoke to us for the first time regarding this matter…

On our way to preschool that day, my four-year-old son asked me, “Mom, when are we going buy a home?”. I smiled and said, “Well buddy, when God says go, we’ll go. We’re waiting on Him for discernment”. What happened next shook me to the core. “Mom, God says it will happen in the summertime.” He wasn’t smirking, he didn’t giggle after saying it like he usually does when he’s joking. My son, at four-years-old, heard from God and prophesized over our future.

I remember going home and immediately telling my husband. I asked him to have just a little more faith, and trust that if God can move mountains, He can speak through a small child.

So, for the next few months, we continued to look just to keep our feet wet in market. Yet, everything we saw left us disappointed and frustrated. It looked like we were falling back into that negative mindset about what was going to happen, and our faith eventually failed us and we concluded it wasn’t going to happen here for us. My husband applied out of state and we made hopes and dreams for another life, somewhere else.

In early July, God graciously spoke to me through a dream. In this dream, I saw us moving into a home that needed some fixing up, and it was located on a hill, and from a window I could see mountains. In this dream, He said, “next month”. I was woken up immediately after I received those words, and told my husband. We were both filled with faith, but also thought it was impossible that we could buying a home in just a month, but we reminded ourselves that God is the God of miracles. So, we started to look again, but this time, standing firm in the hope of my dream sent from God. Three weeks later, we found our very first home…

Our home is the home in my dream; it needs a little work, it sits on a hill, and out our kitchen window is the view of beautiful mountains. We moved in at the end of August 2019.

Friends, God is so good. He is patient, enduring, and wiser than we could ever be. He knows all the intricate details of our lives, and isn’t thrown off when our faith fails us. He stands still, knowing He has a better future planned out for us. He loves us so much that it’s His joy to give us the desires of our hearts. I hope that my story has encouraged you to keep pressing forward when you see nothing, to keep listening when you hear nothing, and continue to believe when hope has dwindled. He is good.



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