Mistakes to Avoid as a Homemaker

I became a Homemaker a little over 4 years ago. I was working full-time as a Military Student Advisor at an online University when I became pregnant with my son. When that precious baby of mine was born, my husband and I decided I would be the full-time caretaker of our son.

In the beginning, homemaking was quite simple. I had my newborn with me, and I could just carry him around with me doing the housework, running errands, and so forth.

Now that my firstborn is a playful preschooler, and we’ve added an energetic toddler to the mix, I find myself having to be much more intentional with my parenting, my marriage, and my life in general.

But this realization didn’t come overnight. Oh no. It’s taken many months of making mistakes, falling on my face, and picking myself back up to try again.

Have you recently become a Homemaker? Maybe you’ve been at home for years and find yourself repeating mistakes like I was (and sometimes still do!).

I’ve recorded some of the most common mistakes I’ve made, and how I’m working to improve my efficiency in each of them.


Lord, help me with the laundry (can I get an AMEN!?). Currently we live in a small apartment on the upper level. We don’t have in-site laundry, so we’ve had to carry our laundry down to the laundry room. When my son was an infant, I’d just put him in the carrier and away we go. But, now with two kids, a mountain of laundry, and a busier schedule, I’ve fallen behind on my laundry skills.

Okay, give me grace, because I’m about to tell you my first mistake…

I’ve let a pile of laundry sit in the hamper for a little over a week, until the clothes are falling out like melting lava from a volcano. Not a pretty sight.  

I’ll admit, the more I see the messy clothes begging me for a bath, the more I resent them and don’t want to face the laundry room. But here’s the thing. By putting off the laundry, I create more stress for not only myself, but for my husband because he’s usually the one who would have to carry all that down (I’m weak, okay? 😉)

Now, I’m attempting to do at least two smaller loads (if not more) during the week, as to avoid doing a much larger load during the weekend. Because who wants to do the laundry on the weekend?!

Side note: I’ve also decluttered our wardrobe in efforts to minimize laundry. Such a life savior! Also, if we are having rain or extreme heat, I do wait to the laundry until later in the day, or the next day entirely.


Y’all, I used to loathe dishes. Hate them. Despise them. Curse them. You get it. I was not a fan.

My husband, however, needs (and I mean, needs) the dishes to be done and cleared out every.single.night. At first, I couldn’t imagine actually unloading all the dishes, putting the clean ones away, loading the dirty ones into the washer, and then wiping down the counters every single night of the week. Which, okay, that sounds a little lazy of me, but I never saw a few dishes in the sink as a bad thing.

Until it was.

I can totally relate to my husbands need for a clean sink at the end of each day now. So yes, I do the dishes every night. It sets us up for a much easier morning, and helps me feel that more productive the next day!

Side note: If I am sick, or one of the kids are sick, I do pass on dishes until the next day. Grace, my friend, grace!


I kid you not, the day I got married, I only knew how to boil pasta. Needless to say, cooking hasn’t always been my favorite thing in the world (the Food Network channel has helped changed that!).

While I don’t consider myself a chef, I have come to enjoy creating and making delicious meals for my family. But I’m guessing you know that this act of serving our family doesn’t happen without some thought and attention.

In previous years, especially when my son was a baby, I took meal planning very flexibly. In fact, I don’t think I planned much at all. I knew what I liked, and what I was good at, and found myself at the store several times a week wasting my time and energy because I had failed to plan on Sunday evening. Not only did this drain me, but it drained our bank account as well.

Here’s what I’ve implemented now: Each Sunday, I sit down with a binder and my Pinterest app and I plan out 4-5 meals that we love or want to try. I also plan one thing I’d like to bake with my son (he absolutely loves to bake!). I order my groceries online at Walmart for the larger list, and then on Monday, the kids and I head to Sprouts or Trader Joes for the smaller list or special items and pick up our groceries at the Walmart pick up.

This sets us up for sticking to our budget and making fewer trips to the grocery store during the week. Win-win!

Friends, we all make mistakes from time to time. Homemaking isn’t about being perfect; it’s about improving ourselves, trying new things, and learning along the way. We can look to our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, or a mentor we aspire to be like to pick up new tricks. Homemaking is never about going at it alone. Find what works for you and your family and go from there! Happy homemaking!



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