Waiting Well in an Impatient World

It’s been four years and sixteen days since my husband and I came to the Lord with a prayer request. It was a simple request, or so we thought, and we asked out of sincere hope and excitement, having faith that our answer would be answered promptly.

His response to us was, “Wait…”.

Confused and slightly impatient, we began down a rollercoaster of other opportunities so that we, ourselves, could answer our prayer request. This hasn’t turned out well for us.

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, and after spending the weekend with hands up in the air over why our prayer request hasn’t been answered, I have finally given up.

But not in the “woe-is-me” sort of way of giving up. No. I’m giving up in a “thy-will-be-done” sort of way. I am not God; therefore, I cannot make our prayer request happen any sooner.

A few minutes before I opened my computer to begin writing this, I focused my mind on the Lord. Why He hasn’t answered us yet. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Maybe we were being punished? Maybe I had to do something before He answered? I sat, screening my mind for a formula, an answer, a prompt from the Holy Spirit…and all I got was…


You want me to wait?! Again?! For how much longer, God?! Surely, we’ve waited long enough! I don’t have any more patience in me!

I imagine God smiled, very patiently, knowing exactly when this prayer request will be answered. In fact, He knew way before me that we would need Him to show up. He knew. He knows. And He’s working on it. It’s not necessarily that we’re doing anything wrong…it may just be that His timing is different than ours.

I don’t know when God will open the door and say, “Yes”, to our request. But I know in my heart, He will. It may not be when we want (that’s already obvious), and it may not be how we expected Him to, but He will. He will be faithful.

How do I know this? Well, for one, and this sounds so simple, but He’s God. He’s proven Himself faithful before, and He’ll prove it to us again. He’s gotten us out of MANY issues before, so why wouldn’t He show up this time?  He loves us; therefore, He only wants good for us. He wants to answer us, but just as a parent knows not to give their child candy at bedtime, the Lord knows not to rush perfect timing just because His children are having a fit. He is patient, He is calm, He is in control.

So, if I know God is good, and I know He’s heard our prayers, how can I wait well?

  1. I will continue forward. I will keep doing as I’ve been doing (unless I’m prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something else). I will get up each day, acknowledge the good in my life, the many blessings, and I will walk my path that the Lord has laid before me.
  2. I will worship. There is no better therapy, or mechanism to deal with disappointment than praising God. It breaks chains, destroys the enemy’s plot to hinder us, and sets our eyes and focus on the One who is all-knowing and worthy.
  3. I will keep praying. I won’t be intimated by the amount of time I’ve been praying for, as if just because it’s been four years, that means it’ll never happen. No. The word says, “…with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (2 Peter 3:8). I will pray morning, noon, and night with expectant hope and praise that He will be faithful, and He will provide an answer.
  4. I will trust Him. I think the hardest thing for me at this point, is that I’m not sure how He’s going to answer. I know He will, but how? What if it’s not the way I had hoped for? So, in order to shake my fear, I will trust that when He answers, I can trust His answer and I can confidently move forward.

Friends, if you’ve been waiting for something, whether large or small, know that God has heard your prayers. He has not turned His back on you. Remember He will never leave you, nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). I know how hard it is to wait. To feel the heavy doubt and confusion, and to maybe even think that God has forgotten you. My hope is that you will know that He has not turned away from you. In fact, He turns His head towards you every time you lift up your voice to Him. You are His beloved, and He will be faithful. I pray you will wait well until the day your prayers are answered.



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