Book Recommendations for the Mom Who Wants Peace in Her Home

I am beyond excited to talk about this today. I have loved reading since I was little. I remember when I would go to the library as a kid, I would sit with the book and flip through the pages inhaling the crisp scent of the pages (I am aware that’s a little weird, but stick with me).

When I was younger, I chose books that would tell tales of the prince and princess, the girl who went from a nerd to a social butterfly, and so forth. Now, as an almost-30-year old mom, I look for a little more depth in my books. I seek wisdom and truth and for a tone of hope in the pages I read. I don’t get to read daily, but over the course of my mothering gig, I have been blessed by these books I’m sharing with you today. My hope is that you will choose one, or more, of these books and receive just as much encouragement as I did.


Why I love her: Well, for starters, it’s hard not to love her. She has an immense amount of wisdom. Her books increase faith, joy, and purpose in motherhood and she truly leaves me with goose bumps each time I read her books, or listen to her podcasts. She is a God-send.  

Sally Clarkson books I recommend:

1.The Mission of Motherhood: I don’t really know how to explain how incredible this book is. All I can say is that I fully believe every mother needs to read this book. It will set you up for so much freedom in your parenting. It will give you a fresh perspective in “dry” seasons of mothering and help you with the overwhelming voice of today’s culture. A must-read!

2. The Lifegiving Home: Sally wrote this book with her daughter, Sarah. It’s all  about cultivating a home; a place of belonging, a place of refuge. I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you!

3. Desperate: Sally co-wrote this book with her good friend, and mentoree, Sarah Mae. I mean, I cried reading this book. It’ll give you the tools to help you feel like you can catch your breath in the very hard, long, and tiring days of being a mama.


Why I love her: There is SO MUCH to love about Emily Ley. She’s down to earth, real, and open about her imperfections in such a refreshing way. She has impeccable style and an eye for design. She’s a business woman, a wife, and mama, and I’m kind of obsessed with her.

Emily Ley books I recommend:

1. Grace, Not Perfection: This book is for all the mamas who struggle with perfectionism (hand held high over here). Her eye for detail really shows in the color she uses for the book and the beautiful pictures laid out on the pages. This book is a permission slip to breathe a little more and enjoy simplicity in life.

2. A Simplified Life: I mean, come on, the title alone is genius. I don’t think there is one person I know who isn’t looking to simplify their lives. And Emily, being pretty much a guru at simplifying, wrote an entire book about tools we can imply to create order and simplicity into our lives. It’s so simple, yet also delivers important steps to creating a better life.

3. Title Unknown: Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Title Unknown? Emily Ley is releasing another book sometime in late fall of 2019, and I’m telling you, it’s going to be amazing. I follow her on Instagram, and she’s been giving hints and some ideas from her new book, and I’m just so excited for this new release. It’s going to be possibly her best. So, stay tuned for that…


Why I love her: I’m a little new to Ruth Schwenk (which some of you are probably gasping right now), but I actually hadn’t heard of her until a few months ago. I then began to see her name pop up everywhere; through blogs, podcasts, and other books. When I visited her blog, The Better Mom, I knew she was a keeper. Her aim is to teach us mamas how to become better moms, by becoming more like Jesus. Her heart is gentle, wise, and she just has so much goodness to share.

Ruth Schwenk books I recommend:

The Better Mom Devotional: So, here’s the thing; Ruth has several other books to read, but like I said, I’m new to her work, so this is the only book I have of hers. It is one of my favorite devotionals that I’ve ever had. It’s simple, sweet, and packs a whole lot of wisdom in each daily devotional. Plus, it’s beautiful and easily laid out so you’re not overwhelmed. She offers a prayer to recite and questions to ponder at the end of each devotional. Do yourself a favor and pick it up today!

Friends, I’m so happy to have shared these books with you. Each and every one of them have filled my heart with joy, have been a source of wisdom in times of confusion, and have ultimately helped me become a better mom. I hope that you can pick these books up soon! Which books have you been reading? I’d love to know!



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