15 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

As Thanksgiving approaches, I sat down to jot down what I am thankful for. This year there are many, many things I can say I’ve been blessed with. My family is healthy, God has been faithful to meet our needs, and I still love what I’m doing. But while I was pondering over the things I’m thankful for, it got me thinking that it might be fun to do a “Mom” edition. So here are fifteen things I’m sure every Mama is thankful for. Which are you most thankful for?!

Sleep. Even if it’s five minutes. Even if we get two minutes with our eyes closed without stinky fingers trying to poke and prod them open (am I the only one who experiences that?! Ava does this when she nurses…so weird ha ha).

Nanas and grandmas, because really? My mom and mother-in-law are there when I need them. They help me when I have a sick day, they encourage me when I have no idea why my son has had 34 tantrums in one day, and they take them for much needed time away. They are God sends.

Sanitizer. Because kids are gross and contagious.

Sunshine. There’s nothing like a good park play date or a day at the beach!

Friends. The mamas out there who have picked up my phone call to listen to my concerns, hopes, dreams, and who offer support and advice, are the angels behind my success as a Mama.

Dum Dums. They bring five minutes of pure silence. Usually. Unless the kids are really happy about the flavor. As mine have once shouted, “MOOOOMMM!!! IT’S CHERRY FLAVORRRRRRRRRRR!!!”.

iPad. Okay, hear me out. I don’t encourage screen time. In fact, we have a strict rule at our house about the iPad, television, really anything with a screen. But when it’s 3:00pm and the baby won’t sleep and the preschooler is restless, and my creativity is at an all-time low, a nice 30-minute break is a life savior.

12:00pm. Nap time. Enough said.

6:00pm. Daddy comes home. Enough said.

7:30pm. Bedtime. Enough said.

“Lovies”. My daughter was probably allergic to sleep for the first 12 months of her life. Finally, we introduced “Lola”, one of those dog lovies that have the blanket attached to it, and now when it’s time for sleep, I bring Lola out and she immediately knows its time for night-night. Thank you, Lola. Thank you so much.

An open grass field. Let them run and burn that energy!

A locked door. As long as we, the mamas, are behind it. Inside we can quickly devour that piece of chocolate, send that email, or just take a deep breath and recompose ourselves.

The Instant Pot. Dinner time is usually a high-stress time in our house, so ever since I met and fell in love with the pressure cooker, dinner time stress has been decreased and more enjoyable for the whole family.

Good morning hugs and goodnight kisses. We aim to start and end the day with a hug and kiss. No matter how rough the day might have been, or how stressful the day might appear, we start and end with love. No matter what.

Friends, I hope this Thanksgiving brings you many more things to be thankful for. May you feel gratitude in your hearts for the many blessings God has given you, and may you spend it with the ones who bring you joy. Happy Thanksgiving!



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