Becoming a Dream Catcher

When I was a little girl, I had two dreams; one of them was to be a singer and entertainer. I could envision myself with a pink sparkly microphone and a big stage where I had back up singers and dancers behind me. I saw the crowd shouting my name and hands waving in the distance, singing along to my “Top of the Charts” hit song. The other one was to be a stay-at-home mom. No, seriously. That was one of my dreams as a child.

Thankfully, one of my dreams came true. Today, as a stay-at-home mom, my dreams haven’t stopped. I have ambitions, goals and hopes for not only myself, but for my family. Yet, now that I am an adult, my dreams are a lot more…scarier. More intimidating. Less realistic. Instead of being inspired by my dreams, I often find myself resisting my dreams.

How did I, or possibly you, get here? What snatched up our dreams and turned them into unsteady grounds?


We tell ourselves things like, “I can’t”, or “It’s too risky”, or even, “You’ll fail, so don’t even try”.


Some of our dreams require putting ourselves out there, letting our voices and opinions heard. That can be a scary place to live. We tell ourselves that it’s “safer” to live in our comfort zones.


So often when God calls us to do something, it seems daunting. Way out of our league. It’s like the story of Moses, when God calls him to lead the Israelite’s out of Egypt and Moses replies, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelite’s out of Egypt?” (Ex. 3:11) Moses continued to doubt himself, saying that he was “slow of speech and tongue” (Ex. 4: 10), and even pleaded with God to send someone else.

I realize there could be other obstacles hindering us from leaping out in faith. Even so, how can we say “no” to our doubts or road blocks, and say “yes” to pursing the calling in our lives?

Listen to Gods voice

God will not talk to us in a demeaning or condescending way. His voice is always gentle, always reassuring, and always for us. Tune in to what He says about you, and about your dream.

God has your back

I’m reminded of David and how he must have felt going up against Goliath (1 Samuel: 17). If I were him, I’d be terrified. How did he have so much confidence? He knew God had his back. He knew he’d succeed because God was there for him and truly fighting the battle.

God will lead you

Like the common saying goes, “If God called you to it, He’ll lead you through it”. We can’t start off on our journey knowing each and every twist and turn it’ll take us on. However, we can dive in trusting that God can handle any situation, and that because we are going forth with the protection and courage that the Spirit gives, we can succeed.

As I finish up this post, I want you to write down your dream. Or multiple dreams. What do they look like? Can you envision them? Can you imagine what it would be like if you said “yes”?

Friend, I believe in you! I believe God has equipped each and every one of us with a unique gifting, a calling, a dream in our hearts that we are made to pursue. Answer to it and start living a life of purpose!


















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