For Now, It’s Like This

I started meditating a few months ago. My mind tends to race, so I needed to learn to slow it down, act less re-actively, and find joy in the present.

I use the “Calm” app and every day it has the “Daily Calm”, where you can meditate for ten minutes. You sit, breathe, and listen to the teacher lead you through the seated getaway. It’s possibly my favorite ten minutes of the day.

I’d like to share with you something I’ve learned, both through meditation, and from living on this earth for 29 years…

Everything will change. Nothing is permanent.

At first this concept creeped me out. I love routines, I love structure, and I love knowing what’s coming next. I plan for a hobby and I set goals like they’ve already happened. But you know what else that rigid mindset caused?

It caused stress, anxiety, and anger when things didn’t work out my way. It caused me to be judgmental when people acted in a way I didn’t agree with. It made me frantically look to the future, as if it’s in my control.

Here’s the truth: whether you’re in a really tough season of your life, or a really happy, easy season of your life, this too will pass. Those kids of yours who overwhelm you to no end, who fight endlessly, they too will grow up and leave your home. Love them now. Or maybe you’re waiting for something to happen, something bigger than you…enjoy your circumstances, just as they are, for this too shall pass. You will get to that “next season” of your life. If your dreams haven’t came true yet (and whose dreams are ever happening, all at once?) than we ought to embrace our situation for what it is. We cannot change everything. We can only accept what is, and look forward to what will be.

We can set out for greatness, we can make plans, all those things are good, and God calls us to live a life of diligence, but if we grasp on too tightly to the future, we lose today. And friends, I don’t want to lose today. I want to live today. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, then I challenge you to look at your day today, just as it is, and say, “I will accept this day as it is (or as it will come). I will live to serve, love, and encourage the people God has given me, and I will aim for peace, not perfection”.

Have a BLESSED day friends!


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