Have You Received Freedom?

I just love Fourth of July. I love barbecuing outside, decorating everything in festive colors, and watching the sparkling fireworks in the dark of the night. I also love that it made me think of something other than just the freedom America received in 1776.

It made me think of the freedom that we as Christians, have received from Christ more than 2,000 years ago.

What specific words come to mind when you think of the word freedom?




These were the first words to come to my mind. Grab a journal and write yours down.

Next, what in your life are you seeking freedom from (also write them down)?




Fear, doubt, and anger have all been areas of struggle for me my entire life. I struggle with fear almost daily, I doubt God’s faithfulness and goodness often, and I let my temper surge more than I should. I seek freedom from these things. I yearn to be chainless from the captivity that fear causes, able to fully trust in God and his love, and have victory over my emotions.

And there is good news

Jesus said, “For if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36)”. That’s another promise from the Prince of Peace. There’s no wondering whether we’ve received freedom or not. There’s no question if we can have victory over our strongholds, for indeed, they have already been won. How?

The cross.

Just like soldiers go to war to win freedom for their country, Christ went to Calvary for our freedom. And He won. His death and resurrection canceled our debt, took the victory over Satan, and proclaimed that those who believe in Him will have the ability to walk without guilt, shame, or in captivity.

Do you understand that?! We don’t need to seek freedom in good deeds or endless prayers, we just simply need to choose Christ, and follow Him!

As I wrap this up, I’d like to challenge you to imagine what your life would look like if you actually lived freely. How would you treat yourself? Others? How would you respond to life’s shortcomings? How much more would you love God?

As we celebrate America’s freedom this Fourth of July, let’s also celebrate our freedom through Christ and truly, be free.




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